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I'm Joel Bower. I'm the founder of Owning The Edge™ and serial entrepreneur. In the last two decades, I've become obsessed with understanding what it truly takes for a business owner to get out of the crap and into what lights them up and gets them well paid. The two best methods I've seen to date are high-end, intimate masterminds and real results coaching! Our newest methods are designed to get you want without years of education or an endless list of lengthy and expensive online courses.

Two Paths Designed For Where You're At:

"Real Results Coaching" ™

Get personal, one-on-one feedback that focuses on REAL results - the results that matter to YOU, your BUSINESS, and the LIFE you want.

"Owning The Edge Masterminds" ™

Get yourself connected with other success-driven entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and get to the NEXT LEVEL.

Over the last 15 years as a high end consultant, no matter who I'm talking to - from a multi-million dollar CEO to an entrepreneur building its first team - I see the same roadblocks stopping them from getting the businesses - and the lives - that they truly deserve. These roadblocks are so deeply ingrained in us that we don't even realize they're holding us back until we're miserable in our businesses and just looking for a way OUT.

Both of our programs are designed to go after exactly that.

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Some Of My Latest Projects:

I've been part of the advisory board of the New Futurist and are currently partnering to create an incredible workshop for corporate execs and Business owners.
I'm a regular co-host on Dov's Leadership podcast and a part of his exclusive mastermind The Dragons Lair. Dov is a master of what it takes to have success and fulfillment.
Pure Vitamin Club a truly amazing brand that is focused on getting the junk out of our supplements. Many, even reputable, companies use fillers like sugar and sand.
For the last five years, my team has worked closely with The Amazing Seller to help people build their first brand and a real business.

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