How to Leverage for Maximum Growth! Conscious Millionaire Podcast.

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I had the amazing opportunity to be featured on Conscious Millionaire, hosted by JV Crum III, and we had an awesome conversation about how to leverage for maximum growth.

Here are some of highlights:

How would you define leverage?

Entrepreneurs hear this word thrown around a lot, but many of us don’t really know what it means. He’s my take: it’s looking around at all the parts of your business and figuring out how to restructure them all to get more done in less time. This can mean learning a new skill, finding someone who knows something you don’t and can bring that into your industry, or even finding a new software that handles something that you were doing before.


Where do you look to leverage in your business?

Focus on one area that you want to leverage first - an area that you know you need to do for your business that you want to get better at doing faster. Start off with your skillsets. Look at how you can improve your own skills to shorten the amount of time it takes you to get certain tasks completed. Next, look at outsourcing. When you know exactly how to get something done and the quality you want it done to, you can teach someone else to handle it for you, opening even more of your time and making it possible for you to do so much more.


How do you decide where to start?

Start small. You don’t need to jump into a difficult, BIG part of your business to leverage your business. Focus at first on smaller ways to make every single day more efficient, then every week, and move on until you start making your business more efficient in the long run.

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