Why You Must Have a Platform! Conscious Millionaire Podcast

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I had the amazing opportunity to be featured on Conscious Millionaire, hosted by JV Crum III, and we had an awesome conversation about making profit in internet marketing.

Here are some of highlights:

What IS a Platform:

There are many ways you can have a platform. A platform is any ongoing way in which you get your message to your audience. It allows you to connect with the people you want to connect with and allows you to provide them with valuable content to get your message out there and connect to people in a meaningful way. Today, your platform can be a blog, a podcast, or even a video series.

You OWN your platform.

Compared to other potential ways of reaching out to your audience, your platform is 100% yours. You can create it in a way that truly works for you and your audience. Compared to being a guest on someone else’s platform, having your own means you get a consistent way to talk to your potential audience.

Different kinds of Platforms.

The most popular platforms people are familiar with today are podcasts and blogs, but you can also have a platform in a youtube channel video series, as well as a speaking gig on a stage, and even a well-cultivated email list! Many entrepreneurs also use webinars and workshops as platforms.

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