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I had the amazing opportunity to be featured on Conscious Millionaire, hosted by JV Crum III, and we had an awesome conversation about making profit in internet marketing.

Here are some of highlights:

The Internet Best and Overall Cheapest Marketing Machine You Have

For the majority of business owners in most industries, the Internet is a critical place to your marketing efforts. Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, or even if you’re providing services, it’s extremely likely that your customer base is online, and that they’re online often.



What Is a Marketing Machine and why People Don’t Have Them.

A marketing machine runs consistently. It may need maintenance but you don’t need to rebuild it to make profits. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have true machines online that allow them to make money. This is because a lot of people try to do the process manually - so when they’re caught up trying to make a sale, nothing else is happening to generate more potential customers.


Split Testing

When you test, you want to make sure you change one element of your ad or article at a time. This ensures that you can keep track of what changes are affecting your marketing machine in a positive way, and which may be actually damaging your campaign.

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