4 Emotional Motivational Types of Every Employee

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We get caught up thinking that we want to treat everyone the way we want to be treated, but it just doesn’t work out that way in business. You want to motivate people the way that works best for THEM, and not everyone is motivated by the same things that you are!


This can cause a lot of conflict in business if you don’t understand why someone is or isn’t motivated by something you’re doing.

There are ultimately four different emotional motivation types - and all of us have a little bit of each and every one.


1. Fear of Punishment

This is probably the earliest emotional motivation type you’re familiar with. Kids don’t want to get into trouble, so they do everything right. Employees who are motivated by fear of punishment are litigious about exactly what they’re doing to make sure things don’t go wrong. These employees are also bad at thinking outside the box because they’re afraid of doing something new.

If you know someone like this, the best way to help them calm down is to remove some of this fear. You may even find that you open up someone’s ability to try new things to help build your business.


2. Excitement of Winning

These guys just want to win. Ultimately, these people are so fun to work with, as long as you create little ways to win throughout your entire process. One of the best ways to help these employees to win frequently is to tell them how awesome they’re doing on a regular basis. It’s even better if you do it while other employees are around, so they feel like their victories are being seen by everyone.

Letting these employees win on a big scale will keep them driven to succeed more often to get even more reward.


3. Desire for Control

Alright, we all know people like this, and it can be really hard to work with them. But what we have to remember is that these people are REALLY passionate about their work. They want to know that what they do MATTERS, that they’re working on something really important. They want ownership of what they do, and if we take that away from them, it can really disgruntled them and make it hard for them to be motivated to work hard.

If you provide them with a part of the business, a project, or something alike that gives them that sense of control, the piece that is THEIRS to really win at, you’ll see them thrive.


4. Love of Connection

This one can go wrong very easily. It’s a slight connection, and if you miss it, it can go wrong really quickly.

This group really just loves people. They want to support the people around them and help them really thrive and succeed at everything they want to achieve. These employees don’t always need the credit and the big audience, but they just need to know that you personally really appreciate what they do.

In fact, the best way to motivate these employees is to provide them with little reminders about how you feel about the work they’re doing.

Ultimately, people who fit into this last category are some of the most rewarding employees that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

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