Are you Ready to Hire An International VA?

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Hiring your first international Virtual Assistant? You need to be sure you’re 100% ready. Not being prepared to take on an International VA is one of the BIGGEST reasons entrepreneurs have a hard time with hiring them in the first place.

Let’s cover the 5 Steps that ENSURE you hire right the first time:


Step One: Get Clear on What you and your Business Truly Need.

This isn’t about what you WANT. I mean what your business TRULY needs. These are things that will actually affect your life and your business, hopefully long term, in a positive, impactful way. First, make sure your business is organized and that you KNOW what tasks an international VA can do that will really benefit your company and help you GROW.


Step Two: Create a COMPLETE Job Description.

Your job description should accomplish two major things. First, it should include the CORE tasks you are hiring this Virtual Assistant to do. This isn’t a laundry list of all the stuff they COULD do. It’s the tasks you are expecting immediately and what you want your VA to really dominate for you. Second, you need to include you expectations for your VA in your job description. This will help you weed out crap applicants who aren’t really going to fit your company.


Step Three: Set up a Test for VA Applicants to Complete.

In most cases, we completely skip the interview. I’ve found that there is NO better way to know if someone can do what you’re asking them to do than to actually ask them to do it in the first place! Interviews tend to just make Virtual Assistants a little nervous and don’t really give you any clue about whether or not an applicant can do what you need them to do for your business.


Step Four: Plan Time for Training

Anyone who comes into my business is going to need training. I don’t know how talented they are. I need them to understand things about who I am, what my standards are, if they’re going to be a good fit for my company! I need my Virtual Assistants to have this kind of understanding early on if I expect them to succeed at what I’m asking them.


Step Five: Reward your VA when they do Something you really Appreciate.

This is so crucial that you remember to reward your Virtual Assistants when they do an amazing job for your company. Make sure you provide them specific feedback that shows them exactly what it is that they did that you like so much. This doesn’t just make them more excited to work, but it helps them be eager to contribute more value and grow with your business.

Make sure you watch the video above so you can leverage the MOST out of your business!

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