Why Loving what you do is a MUST, not a Maybe.

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This topic has been covered a lot, but this is going to be a little different. Sure, when you love what you do, you can get inspired and motivated to work harder, but it’s so much more than that.

There are so many side benefits of loving what you do that aren’t frequently talked about, but they’re such a critical element they can’t be ignored.

1. Being able to deal with a hard time.

Every business has ups and downs. As an entrepreneur, you’ve been through a lot of them. Really loving what you do can help you get through the hard parts. That’s such an important thing that all businesses need.

2. It lowers the fear and doubt.

All entrepreneurs have fears and doubts with their businesses. When you really love what you do, the excitement, joy, and passion helps remove the fear at the end of the day. Loving what you do can give you the determination to get through the things that scare you.

3. You can handle the boring tasks.

The buildups that make entrepreneurs frustrated with their businesses come from the daily tasks. These little things are what make us feel overwhelmed what we do over time. When you love what you do, it can help you look at these little tasks not as nuisances, but as stepping stones to allowing you to really thrive at the things you’re passionate about.

BONUS: Find a way to love the little things.

I challenge you to find a way to love the little things you don’t enjoy in your business! If you can do that, you will grow faster than you can even imagine.

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Full Transcript:

[The following is a full transcript of this episode with Joel Bower. These videos are recorded unscripted and are filmed in a single take. Subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our video series.]

Hey everybody. It's Joel Bower, co-founder of Skirmish Strategies and business leverage expert. Today I'm going to cover why loving what you do in your business is a must, not a maybe.

This topic has been covered a lot. I wanted to find something unique in it. I wanted to find something a little bit different. Yes, when you really love what you do you'll get inspired, you get motivated, you get momentum to move forward in your business. I believe all the things that are amazing. I definitely use it for that. I am always looking for things to love in my business, things that are more enjoyable.

I wanted to add things that are really kind of side benefits. Things that you don't really think about as benefits from this or are rarely talked about as the direct piece. They usually are very much considered a separate thing. Loving what you do has such a strong effect on it that I wanted to go through it.

The first piece that I want to cover is being able to deal with hard times. Every business has its ups and they have it's downs. If you're an entrepreneur, you've been through probably a lot of them. Your ability to love what you do, that passion that you feel for it, can really help you to get through those times so you keep moving forward. There's big parts of your business that are so important to its success that even when it's hard you keep moving. That's absolutely critical. All businesses need that.

The second piece I would say is really the ability for what you do, what you love doing, it's a feel that gives back to you. It brings us joy and this happiness. It really, as you start to feel excited about what you're doing, the fear and doubt that all entrepreneurs feel, that all of us at some point of another start to just question are we on the right path? Are we doing the right thing? Is this the audience, the right business? All the questions, all the doubts that we have ... If I had to think about one of the biggest things that stops someone from where they're starting a business to where they finally get to a success that they really were looking for, that ability to do so much more than they had hoped either get out of that job or really take care of their family at a high level, not just get by.

One of the biggest things that stop them has been fear and doubt. As you do things that you love, that excitement, that joy, that passion for it really does help to quell that. If you know even if you're in a doubtful moment or a fearful moment, but on the backside you go do something you love, that can change very, very quickly. You can excitedly move forward on your business and go, "Well deal with that later. I'll think about that later." You keep moving forward.

The last, the one I want to offer, is we talked about the big trends. Being able to deal with the big things. Really the buildup of people getting really frustrated about their business happens at the daily level. It happens everyday. There's these things that you have to do that maybe you don't enjoy. They just feel like they're always there. As much as you might love certain parts of your business you just have these daily pieces that you just have to, it feels like you have to do and you don't want to. You really almost find any way to get out of them, but they have to be done to keep moving the business forward.

If you're someone who really enjoys more of the presentation or being in front of people and then suddenly you have to make sure the bookkeeping's done. You've got to make sure you're paying the right amount in taxes and going through your accounting in an appropriate way, that might drive you a little nuts if you have to keep track of all that all the time. If it's just planning or maybe some people really hate being on the phone but they love being out in public. Maybe they like to write because they're writers and they really don't want to deal with that social media piece.

As you start looking through your day, a lot of people, a lot of successful businesses or businesses that are starting to grow, they start to pile on these things that aren't the thing that you would choose to do if you had any choice in the world. You start to get more of the pressure of what's required to run a business, not what you were inspired to start a business for in the beginning.

I also want to give you a bonus. A quick recap though of the 3. The first is that big trend. The ability to overcome big changes and hard times in your business. The second is lowering that fear and doubt. You're doing what you love. It's harder for that fear and doubt to creep up and take control and make you start thinking weird things. If it's even possible, it gets that joy in there and gets you excited about what you're doing. Last, really handling the small tasks or the monotonous tasks or the boring tasks. Whatever you call them. You know on the other side you're going to do something you really love. Your business is about that. It's about being able to do more of that. If you take care of these you get to do more of what you love.

I want to leave you with that bonus. That is simply is actually on that last one, and it's about really thinking about if that task that might be annoying, it might be awful, you might just downright loathe it, is that critical for your business? Is that something you have to do? If you really look at your business success as a whole does this part have to be mastered? Is this something that has to be done at such a high level to guarantee your success? It's always going to keep coming up because your business or whatever industry you're in requires it. If you find things like that I would actually challenge you to take it to a new level. Find a way to love it. Find a way to add enjoyment to it.

First it might be a game where you reward yourself positively, but eventually you've got to find ways to, maybe there's a unique way to do it or a way that you can do it with someone so it doesn't feel like you're just grinding it out by yourself. Find a method to start really enjoying the process because the businesses that are growing the fastest aren't the ones that just go, "I really love this and this is all I want to do. And I'm not doing anything else."

There's a myth out there that that somehow is possible, that if you just do only what you love you'll be so impassioned and you'll work harder then ever before. Businesses take a magnitude of skills. There's so many. They just take a lot. If you've been an entrepreneur for a while you know that the skills just keep building up. Things you have to take care of just keep going up, what you have to be experts in. If you can take these things, you can really identify the ones that are most crucial, the critical ones, for your business success and grab onto them and find ways to love them and just add to those things you love, your business will grow faster. You'll have more success and you'll obviously love what you do. Thank you so much.