Mistakes Most Commonly Made When Using New Software in Your Business

If you’re an online entrepreneur, there is ALWAYS a new software out there that people tell you are going to change your business. To be honest, there ARE a lot of new softwares coming out all the time, and a lot of them WILL change your business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t GET that benefit because they make one of these big mistakes.

So how do you ensure that you get the most out of a new software? Don’t do THIS:

Mistake 1: Not Taking Advantage of Included Free Training

There’s almost always training provided with a new software to help you learn a new program. SO many people don’t bother doing them! Not only are you closing yourself off from learning the program, but the training can also provide you with new ideas that can make the software even MORE useful for you.

I know you’re busy, and that it can seem impossible to go through training, but this will save you time in the long-run and make it more possible for you to get the most out of this new amazing technology.

Mistake 2: Not Immediately Using The Software You Just Learned

Do something - anything! - to use this new software as soon as you’ve learned it. Not only will this help you recall and remember your training later on, but it’s ACTION. It gets you in the practice of using the new software for your business.

Mistake 3: Giving Up Too Early

There are so many entrepreneurs who start off trying a new software and put it on the backburner because they don’t feel like they have the time to figure it out. Or, worse, they get frustrated with it (probably because they didn’t go through the training!) and decide it’s not worth the hassle of learning how to make it work.

Giving up too early is one of the biggest mistakes that limits entrepreneurs’ ability to really crush it with a new software.

Mistake 4: Not Making Sure it’s right for Your Business

Sure, sometimes you get a new software that’s really cool, and you use it, and you haven’t given up, but maybe it doesn’t actually fit your business model. This happens, and that’s okay. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs keep a software that doesn’t work for them because they don’t want the time and effort they put into it to go to waste.

You need to recognize that you’ve gotten a lot out of a software, even if it’s not the one you end up using long-term in your business. Using a new software can help you generate ideas, and getting familiar with one will show you what features you like and don’t like, which will help you find something that better suits your needs in the future.

Mistake 5: Not Integrating it Back Into Your Business

So many entrepreneurs don’t fully integrate their new software back into their business to make sure it fits with their workflow. The best softwares won’t just help one part of your business. They’ll help better your business process overall!


Hi, it's Joel Bower, co-founder of Skirmish Strategies and business leverage expert, and right now, I'm going to cover the three biggest mistakes people make when trying to implement new softwares into their business.

Now if you're an entrepreneur, especially if you're an online entrepreneur, there is always some new software piece. Everybody on Facebook is talking about, "You have to use it. It will change your business."

For the most part, there is a lot of software that does change your business and I just want to cover some of the mistakes that we make when we go into it because yeah, we got a recommendation and a friend sent us a link or we found it ourselves and then we kind of play with it, we might even sign up for the trial and pay for a month and never use it. In most cases actually pay for six months because we forgot about it and so we let that subscription go…

Anyway, I digress. How do we actually ensure that we get the most out of the software? How do we give it the best chance?

The first thing is really dig into the available training. There's almost always a getting started and most times, I've seen ... Everybody's trying on things, and they never watch those videos. If you watch those, you start getting idea, "Okay, well, is this a fit for me or is it not?" As you go through the training, you go, "Okay. I can do this. I can do that. Oh, I've always wanted to do that in my business. Oh this would be really cool." If you get a lot of ideas like that, then you're actually more likely to use it plus know how to.

If you get in there and you're like, "Oh, okay, it's confusing, there's buttons everywhere. What do I do?" You're not likely to really catch on and spend the time because you're an entrepreneur, you're busy. Business owners just have less and less time it seems and software doesn't seem to fit into our schedule all the time so we're like, "Oh, I'll just turn it on," and fifteen minutes later, it's like, "Oh, that's all I have. I have to get out of here."

The second one is not doing something with the software immediately. Definitely do something to get the education base and know how the software works and right after you do that, do something immediately to really use the software. If it's an automated poster for social media, actually send a post. Actually automate something to go out in five minutes. Do something. Even just taking an early step and seeing, "Wait, that was really easy," will get your system thinking about, "Okay, how do I use this? How in the future, how I'm going to make this part of what I'm doing?"

That brings me to the next one. If you don't that, if you don't start taking those early steps and really do something with it, you end up in that place where we just find ourselves six months later having paid for something we never use and we give up, if we didn't give up earlier. That's a really awful thing. The number of times I've touched this new software piece, it was recommended, that would be perfect for my business, the person that recommended it is really trustworthy and actually knew what they were talking about, and I kind of put on the backburner, only find out years later that it was exactly what I needed and would save me endless hours over that period of time because I just gave up too early.

I didn't have time, I was too busy. Spend some time. If you really are going to upgrade your business and get more out of it, if you're going to leverage yourself with technology so you can do more in a day, you got to put a little time and effort on the front end.

Yes, maybe it's one out of every five that will actually work for you, but when one does, it makes a lot of sense. It's not something I would do necessarily every day, but plan maybe once a week, every month, you actually look at, "Here's softwares that I've been collecting that I want to look into." Do the work. Do a little bit of background, and try them out. Set up that time so you know that it actually will fit in and not just something you hope to do.

The next piece is, okay, great. You didn't give up. You use the software and you keep using it, but it doesn't really work for you. You hack at it and get some of the results but the overall things or the advanced things don't really work for you. You just trudge along, thinking that some day you'll get there because so many people recommended it.

It's fine, once you get through that hurdle of learning it, using it at least once, and then committing to really involve yourself in it and get used to using it and how you're going to use it, once you get to that place, you can make a decision for your business. Does it fit or does it not?

You don't have to be stuck forever. It's actually better to ... "Okay, this didn't work. I did put my time into it, I did learn it. It's not working for me. Let me find out what else is out there." Now I know a little bit more because I know what didn't work here, what I'd like to see, and now I can go look at the competitors for the same software and find out what really does work for me.

Let's say that everything did go perfect. Let's say we ignore that, it did work for you, it was great, you didn't give up, you went through all the pieces. The last piece, and this is something I rarely see, is that people fully integrating the software into their business processes, into how their workflow actually works.

It's almost like the software is this piece over there. When they're in the software, they're doing the software piece and then forget about it anywhere else. I find that some of the best softwares can stand alone like that but the really great ones are the ones that make something in your process easier. If it's to help design something quicker and get it out to where you need it or to actually help schedule not only social media but to think about your whole content calendar and bring it back in so it's working and really assisting in some of the bigger pieces you're doing.

This also could be more on a mental level if you're just thinking about the strategies you're trying to implement in your business. Does the software help to better connect with clients? Does it help you to really think and plan out what comes next so you can take care of them, or to take care of yourself, your team, your business.

There's so many softwares available, so I'm kind of talking broad. I have some specifics in my mind but that's not what this is about. This is really about understanding how to take that software back and bring it to something that's working on a regular basis to make your life better, not just something that you pay and occasionally you use.

Those are the five. If you take care of those and you really get the available training, you do something with it right away, you make sure that you don't give up too early when you barely gave it a chance, you do make sure it fits for you, and finally you integrate it back in your business, you are going to find so many more applications that really transform your business.

Make it even exciting to work on things. It's been amazing how many pieces where I thought, "Oh this is ridiculous." I get in there, it's like, "This video training, it's annoying." They caught me. One thing in the video training and boom. I'm hooked. I'm like, "Oh, that would change so much in my process." Because I've done that, I actually have amazing softwares that I use on a daily basis that just strip down all the hassle of a lot of these processes and get me to things that really matter fast so that I can do more.

That's what we want to do at Skirmish. We always want to get you that additional leverage so you can grow your business.

Thank you so much for watching this video. I'm glad you can make it and I hope you get out there and try the softwares that you've been hearing about that you think might actually be great for your business.