How to Leverage Inspiration to Get The Most Out of You, Your Team, and Your Soon to be Raving Fans

What IS Inspiration? Where does it come from?

I believe our inspiration comes from our drive to be part of something bigger, to do something better, to do something we always dreamed of and make it happen in the world. It’s an amazing feeling to get stirred up and excited about your life.

Inspiration is what gives us that push we need to make it happen!

You can leverage your inspiration in 3 major areas of your business:

Leverage in Yourself through your Inspiration

Get excited about your work! Get your passion out there. Everything becomes possible when you wake up with that motivation to do something, and that comes from your inspiration! It’s the “WHY” we want to do the amazing things we do.

What is your vision for what you want your business to become?

Get your inspirations clear - find the REAL list of things you’re truly excited about achieving - to maximize your own leverage.

Leverage in Your Team through your Inspiration

When you’re inspired, use that inspiration to INSPIRE your team. You may say you don’t have a team because you’re a “solopreneur,” but your team is so much bigger than you realize!

Your friends and family, your employees and partners, are all parts of your team. You want to talk to your team about your vision and your dreams. Share what is really important to you and your team will get excited. They’re excited to see you so driven.

Even if it doesn’t make them want to do the day to day activities, it can inspire them to achieve for more in their own lives.

Leverage in your Clients and Customers through your Inspiration

Take all the inspiration from you and your team, you want to drive that inspiration to influence your clients and customers.

People are looking to believe in something - to be part of something bigger and better - and if you can show your customers and clients that joining you on your mission, that you’re doing this for a REASON, they are going to become more loyal, more excited to work with you, because you’ve inspired them.

Buying decisions are based on emotions. If your customers are interacting with a team that’s excited and inspired and a business owner who really cares, you’ll build a base of raving fans!


Hi, everybody. It's Joel Bower, co-founder of Skirmish Strategies and business leverage expert. Today, I'm going to talk to you about getting the most out of your business by leveraging your inspiration.

Now, when I talk about inspiration, there's three major areas, and I'll get into each one, but I want you to really think about that. What is inspiration? What is that piece, that drive inside or the passion to do something, and where does it come from?

As we think about it, the first place that I see it being the most valuable to us, the place where we're going to find the most leverage across our entire business, across our entire lives, is the inspiration we have from inside, the inspiration that we have to do something bigger, to do something better, to do something we always dreamed of and to make it happen in the world, in reality, to actually bring it forth. It's such an amazing thing when you can really get stirred up about your life.

The first leverage is leveraging you, getting you excited, getting your passion out there. Everything becomes possible when you actually wake up with that motivation to do something. That comes from our inspiration, and that's the "why" we want to do it. What's going on behind the scenes that makes us want to grow in this area of our lives or develop a bigger business or have more clients or customers or take care of them better? What is our vision for what our business is becoming? What is it going to do for our family?

All of those pieces, if you can get those centered and clear, and make sure that those are the ones that really inspire you, not the list the people said you should have but the real list of things that you get excited about, that will allow so much to happen in your business that would not be possible without it. Every big name, every person in any industry that is really out there and big is inspired by what they do. They might not have the same inspirations as you, but they love what they do. They're excited for it, and they wake up with that passion for it.

Now, that's I think one of the biggest things that is missing in a lot of entrepreneurs. They get lost in the weeds. They get lost in the struggle. They've been doing it for so long, they forget to be excited again. What got you to take that jump in the first place and really try something? If you're doing it while you have a job, take those full hours of a full-time job and then do something after-hours and on weekends or take the risk of not having any income besides the money that you're generating in your own business. That inspiration to do that, that's got to stay alive and fresh.

Even though the vision might change, even though what's behind the inspiration, the real "why," even while that might change, you having that drive and that passion is going to allow so much more to happen. So first, leverage you.

The second, and it's almost a natural escalation of that first part, I'll give you some pointers on really how to make sure that it continues through, that you use that piece about your excitement and what you want to accomplish and what your vision for your business and your family and your life is, the next place is to use that inspiration to inspire your team.

Now you might be saying, "Oh, Joel, it's just me. I'm a solopreneur. It's all by my lonesome. I'm the only person working in my business." That's a very limited look at teams because, what about your family, your friends, your support groups? What about the people that are making the amazing tools and software out there that you can use and leverage and allow you to do what you do in your business? There is always a large team around you, whether you see it or not.

Now I think a lot of people actually distance themselves and say, "This is my business, so that has nothing to do with my family," but your family should be part of it. They should be inspired. We're going to take our excitement for it and then talk to them about it. Talk to your team about it. Tell them why you're going the way, where you want to go. As you take your inspiration from inside and you start to tell people about your story, your mission, your passion, they get excited. They get excited for you.

Maybe they don't want to be a part of building the actual day-to-day, but they're excited and it might inspire them to do something that they wouldn't have done before, and that's just swirling around you, that passion of excitement of people from all over your life and your existence really seeing the same vision that you do and really wanting it for you or just being excited that you're doing it, that you believe in it that much.

Now, if you come partially excited, now this is what a lot of people happen to them, like, "Oh, I don't want to be too excited. I just want to take time for my family." There's a lot of other rules in the background that say, hey, maybe you should lower your excitement and your passion and your inspiration, but trust me, it's on the other side.

Even if there's resistance at first and someone goes, "I don't understand why you have to be an entrepreneur. It just seems like a weird thing. It seems so risky," your passion can change that. That can inspire them to see, "He's not just doing this thing. He is doing something big, and it's really cool." If they can't even understand it for themselves or how to be part of it, they'll understand it for you, and you'll start to get a better support network.

That leverage of, okay, you got you, you got your inside feeling like, "I'm going to do it," then you have support from the team around you and they're excited, if they are team members, they're getting excited in their work and that they're part of something bigger and it's going to drive what they do, getting more leverage out of your business, out of your teammates, out of you, and lastly, taking all of that, taking all that inspiration from you and your teammates, lastly, and probably most importantly if you're a business owner, is driving that inspiration to truly inspire your clients and customers.

That's what it's about in business. We're exchanging value. So much of it we think is just the product, that we give the product. A lot of places now, people are looking to believe in something, looking to believe in the people that are doing it.

If you're excited about your product, you're excited about your services and you're telling your clients about your drive and your passion to make it the best or do something bigger or whatever the thing that is driving you and they're not part of that, too, instead of keeping it in the back, "Oh, let me just tell you about the product features and what we're going to do," but, "No, I'm doing this for a reason. I'm doing this because I want something grand, I want something great," your customers and clients are going to be more loyal. They're going to become more excited to work with you. Even if a service looks similar outside, they'll want to work with you if you bring a certain level of excitement about what you're doing.

People make emotional decisions when they buy. We like to pretend it's logical, but it's not. At the end of the day, it's an emotional one. If they're interacting with a team that's excited and passionate and a business owner that is driving something really cool that they didn't even imagine was possible, they see that and they want to be part of that, too. That's how you get raving fans. That's how you get loyal fans that want to buy from you over and over again.

I hope there was something in this video that really allowed you to tap into how important inspiration is and how you might actually be leaving it as not a big deal, but it is, or been subduing it because it was easier, but it's so important. If you want to drive your business and you want this great success, you've got to have it in there.

Get the inspiration from yourself. Use it, get yourself excited, get yourself passionate. Get a vision that you wake up for, that you can't wait to touch. Use that level of excitement to inspire a team to do the same, to want to be part of that, and eventually clients and customers will be there forever. They just want to see what the next thing you're doing because you're so excited about you. Go out, use inspiration, get the most leverage you can out of it, and get a business that truly matters.