Why Most Entrepreneurs Don't Get Raving Fans

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This is a big issue for entrepreneurs. As you’re building your brand, a lot of it comes down to people knowing you and seeking you out. When you get the core foundation of customers and clients who are returning to you because you’ve already helped them, that’s when you start to really grow.

But a lot of entrepreneurs don’t ever build that base. Why not?

1. They Never Decide to Target a Specific Audience

A lot of people try to help everyone, but when you have a broad statement like that, you run into the issue where you can’t really help anyone very well because your messaging is really dispersed. If you want to understand someone enough to be able to really address their true problems, you need to tighten in and really get to know the exact niche audience you can help the most. Then, your customers will trust that YOU can provide them the services they really need to get what they want.

2. They Fail to Produce Consistent Content

Even if an entrepreneur has done an amazing job at curating new customers and handling them right, if they fail to produce new content regularly enough, their customers are going to forget about them. New content keeps you at the front of your customer’s attention, as well as provides them with an easy means to learn what you’re doing that can potentially help them even more in the future.

3. They Think it Happens By Accident.

You’ve got to find a way to systemize the things that are working in your business that turn your customers into raving fans. When you have a great success, take mark of what made it successful and see if you can do something to replicate that in the future. Test everything to make sure you know what your customers are going to respond the best to so you can provide them with what they want, the way they want it, and increase your chances of turning them into raving fans.

4. They Don’t Go The Extra Mile

If you can go beyond providing your customer with just an amazing product or service, but extend it go making sure their entire experience was absolutely killer, you’ll blow them out of the water. They’ll really appreciate that you worked harder to make them happier, and you will stand way out from the competition that isn’t trying as hard as you are.

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