5 Skills Needed to Accomplish More in Less Time

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Ultimately, that’s what we want to do, right? As entrepreneurs, we have so many demands that, if we want to grow, not only do we have to do everything we’re already doing every single day, but add even MORE to our schedule

Did you know that’s actually possible? Seems crazy, right?

Once you train yourself to make these 5 techniques a part of your routine, you’re going to see some amazing changes in your business.


1. Master Time Blocks.

Set aside certain periods every day or every week that you’re going to really FOCUS On something crucial to your business, and make sure NOTHING can interrupt those blocks.

If you schedule these important elements like mandatory appointments rather than “to-do” tasks, you can keep yourself on track and avoid the massive time loss that happens from switching between things.


2. Practice Working Against Deadlines

What I see consistently, no matter how hard of a worker someone is, they work WAY faster when they have a deadline in place. You start playing with your schedule differently, and somehow you end up finding those little extra hours here and there to bring your resources together and make something HAPPEN.


3. Compete Against Yourself

When you time yourself in a task you’re really great at in your business and later “work against the clock” to beat that time the next time you do the task, you’re going to see HUGE improvements in how much you can get done in LESS time. People love a challenge, and it turns your work into a game.


4. Eliminate Distractions

The first part of this is to get really clear on what a distraction REALLY is. A lot of the time we have things we think we “have” to get done, but when we stop to think about it, we know they could wait a little while for us to focus on something more important. You need to start assessing what little things are preventing you from gaining momentum in your business.


5. Truly Getting Leverage

There are so many processes in your business that can be automatically be handled via software or other team members. If you get those things taken off your plate, you’ll have so much more time to accomplish amazing things in your business than you’ve ever had before.

Make sure you watch the video above so you can leverage the MOST out of your business!

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