Joel Bower


Business Leverage Expert

Joel Bower, the CEO of Skirmish Strategies, is always looking for new and better ways to leverage every single resource he has going into his business, from the members on his team to the technologies they have at their disposal, and he loves bringing this talent to other entrepreneurs and teaching them how to make the most of their resources, too. Joel's dedication to every aspect of his life, from his personal health, his family, to ultimately his business success, has given him a profound understanding of true peak performance. Leveraging has allowed him to give his all - all day, every day - both in Skirmish Strategies, to our amazing fans, and with his family.

Joel is a serial entrepreneur and with over a decade of experience running and starting dozens of different businesses. He is currently running a number of successful physical product and information product businesses in several different fields. He is also a public speaker, marketing consultant, and business trainer. 


Chris Shaffer


Technology Leverage Expert

Chris absolutely thrives when he’s exploring brand new, cutting edge technologies, softwares, and tactics designed to allow entrepreneurs in any field achieve maximum results. Chris is constantly on the lookout for the newest, most powerful tools for business owners on the market today. His consistent testing, tweaking, and refining keeps Skirmish Strategies at the front of the pack and extremely aware of everything out there - so we know what’s hot, what's hype, what’s actually going to work for both our business and the businesses of others. Chris loves taking all this amazing knowledge passing it onto other entrepreneurs around the country to help them break out and find success, too.

Chris is currently running several multimillion dollar ad campaigns, as well as making appearances in live eCommerce events and as a guest on eCommerce podcasts across the web. 


Mary Lintz


Team Leverage Expert

Mary is in charge of two critical parts of the Skirmish Strategies business. For several years, she has been refining her expertise in copywriting, providing us with tight, sexy copy across our entire brand. More importantly, Mary is an expert in building hard-working, talented, and eager virtual assistant teams to help Skirmish Strategies run around the clock - literally. Mary keeps the Skirmish Strategies virtual community running day in and day out to produce high-quality, high-impact content though her exceptional, dedicated, and critical team of skilled personnel from across the world. 

Mary's education in creative writing has allowed her to produce hard-hitting copy that continues to get shared and consumed for years after publication.